Sinum Vero

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.        -Arthur Schopenhauer

Our society celebrates the evasion of truth. Simple truths. What color is my hair? How old am I? We even evade complicated truths. How are you doing? The answer is merely ‘fine’ or ‘good’ or even an outlandish lie like ‘great’, except on the occasion that it is indeed ‘great’!

In keeping with the spirit of this topic, permit me to be honest. Let me note that when I consider commenting truthfully on some particular topic, I genuinely stop myself. It is a hard learnt lesson that the truth is just not socially acceptable. Silence is often the preferred option. There is the occasional gesture such as a nod of the head between two souls that denotes shared knowledge of some unutterable truth. This gesture is the price of civility. Incidentally, when a person unknowingly succumbs to the very lie of the truth kept secret, it is socially acceptable to blame the unfortunate ignorant soul that failed to know any better. This is the state of our society.

It is only when we as a society are faced with our very own mortality, that these simple lies of civility are undeniably useless. Who cares that my hair is turning grey or that I will be 47 years of age in a few months? I certainly don’t feel the importance to keep up appearances when faced with the distinct need to either accept this season of uncertainty or languish in the certainty of suffering that accompanies the avoidance of truth.Indeed, this is the season of truth.

While accepting ones own mortality is particularly forboding, this is genuinely a tremendous season, a gift.Truly, it is the only season in which one can really live life fully.As it is the season to stop and smell the gardenias or whatever flowers you may happen upon.This is the season of miracles. This is the time you have been saving for. The time you thought you had when you finished this or that. The time when you weren’t so incredibly busy with work or other pressing unimportant matters. This is the time to smile sweetly and kiss indulgently your significant other.Or, the time to hug forgivingly your child and cherish them even though they may have broken a dish or chose to play instead of completing chores. Or, the time you ‘waste time’ creating art. Or, the time you re-enter your own childhood and play with the four-legged friend that sits daily with patience and trust at your side.

These are the true glory days of our society.The days we prove ourselves worthy of humanity. Even if only for a day, a life worth living is one that is lived in earnest. Breathe deeply, love hard, and accept the truth of the beauty of the uncertainty that is this life. In this truth, you will find the magic – the miracles and the blessings of humanity.