The Message

This is time sensitive, as I melt into the deep dark crevices of perpetuity. I must admit that I no longer really exist, and that the universe knows this better than I. When and where do I become me almost never matters. I see myself in the rain drop that drips from the windowpane I am looking out of, or the translucent sun that in all its power just barely passes through the heavy fog of today’s morning. Dew sits quietly on the tip of my nose as I stand on the front steps readying myself for the day ahead.

This is the message. I sit here now to proclaim in all my anonymity. Do you hear it? The loud trumpet just over the edge of the mountain… echoing… or is that the small voice of a child whimpering in the corners of their sullied crib? Who knows that we are here? Better still, who knows that we suffer? I know that I suffer amongst the best of them… whoever they are. Yet, I also know that I don’t suffer at all and I look on almost blindly at times, as others suffer. I am both the one that suffers and the one that witnesses the suffering. Ahh! Perhaps… I am the God they speak of… if only a piece of that were true! I think that it is… there is some small piece of God that is in me… some monumental spell told long ago by sages that exists transfixed in glaciers and hardened in stone… only to find that their spell still held ultimate power as ice melted and men decided to blow up mountains.

I kneel before the ever-present moment… now. Here I am … fully naked before you… asking for forgiveness. I am that evil that the world knows. Oh… but look deeper inside me… and there you find grace in all it’s goodness. Forgiven, I am gratitude and if one does not look out… they will be knocked out by my love. Sucker punched… or floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee … just like Ali… I will be me… and you will be you… and together… we won’t know what is left… except the love that was always meant to be.

If only we can put away the fear of yesterday and embrace that drop of dew as it drips… drips… drips… onto the hard concrete of LIFE!