Gilded Ego

Gilded egos spend many lifetimes engaged in the futile conquest of promises of paradise. They do not start this way. At first, they are like the tough, yet fragile shells of the eggs from which they are born. They are oblivious to their environment. They may not even know that there is an environment in which they exist. Slowly, as they learn to crawl and then walk, these stainless beings begin to develop a patina. Its gorgeous and untouched beauty is unknown to itself. Indeed, innocence is necessary to the beauty.

Nature is beautiful because it does not try to be anything else.

Incessant need is rife in gilded egos. Prey, then predator they become. Painstakingly and with measured calculation, carefully encasing themselves with the thin gaudy metal of mislabeled hope, they are befuddled. There is born the addled and tortured attempt to return from which it came by way of ownership. This will never lead back to the patina of wisdom.

Ownership is part of the shadow. It is the promise of joy that will never come to fruition. As soon as the ego owns one new shiny object, the object loses its shine. This is the curse of gilded egos –better to let everything go! Set it all on fire and breathe a new spirit into being.

Sit in the truth of now. Shed any fraudulent armor. There in the beauty of nature is the present of peace.