Why Practice Presence?

Faced with the heaviness of all that we call life and factoring in the absolute need to love and be loved.  The real gateway to life, without the heaviness of insecurity, self-blame, or entrapment is simple.  Simply, very simply, practice presence.  

I have been on a journey that embraces my own presence at any given time.  No longer dwelling on what is in the past, and no longer craving for an uncertain future; I am free to practice being and living in the present.  By letting go of my past and having no expectations for the future, I am able to give myself to all who greet me here and now.  I plan to do this in the pages of this site.  I plan to share my very presence with you… a gift, a present of presence!  

You will find here short creative pieces under The Sun Spirit Journey; reactions to current life challenges and ideas under Noble Reactions; responses to interesting and fun quotes under Quotable Quotes, and my personal exploration with poetry under ePot also an anagram for poet, a person with great imagination and creativity.  

There are many sites on mindfulness, this is not that.  Instead this is my attempt at creating a digital community experientially by sharing my own inner thoughts and journey with others.

Suffering is the nature of the human condition. Community transcends individual suffering. Community is the cure.

Always in love and light,