Traveling Wind

Many do not recall the time when the wind did not travel. Before creatures roamed, the wind was stagnant and lived in the firmament above the Sea. The seas were not separate the way they are now, alas there was one Great Wind and one Great Sea. This is the story of why the Great Wind always travels.

From the beginning of time, The Great Sea and the Great Wind were not only sisters, but the very best of friends. Father Time and Mother Earth could not have been prouder parents. The two siblings grew up together and neither could ever imagine a time, circumstance, or condition under which they might need to part. One day the Great Sea came to the Great Wind very excited. “Oh Wind, you must hurry, we have a new brother.” Wind was surprised but followed Sea and sure enough there was Mother Earth, Father Time and a new brother. Mother Earth looked up at Wind and said, come dear daughter and look upon your dear new brother, Land. Wind smiled at her mother, but inside she felt troubled. She turned to her sister Sea, “Did you know about the forming of our brother Land?”. Sea looked at her sister Wind, “Oh, yes sister Wind, it was I who pleaded with our dear father and mother for a brother.” Sea turned away from Wind to look at Land, and said, “Isn’t he handsome?”

Wind left her sister Sea and father and mother to make sense of this new brother, Land. Wind was older than Sea, but Sea could not fly as Wind could. Sea was magnificent in her own right, and was able to roll majestically against Mother Earth. Their new brother Land did not roll. Indeed he did not move very much at all. He was sluggardly and his movement measured. This worried the Great Wind. When Wind and Sea played together, Sea could roll and Wind would push Sea to make great waves or beautiful swirls that would make Sea laugh and Wind laugh in turn. Wind could not see how brother Land would be able to keep up or even how Wind and Sea would continue to be able to play together at all.

Indeed, as brother Land grew, it became more evident that Land did not like to move and preferred to stay in place. Evenstill, Wind grew to love her brother and brother Land grew larger and larger, and as was his way he kept to himself. He seemed to prefer solitude, and rarely agreed to play with his sisters. As he grew, there was less room for sister Sea, and there were nights that Sea would cry as she had to make way for her brother Land. Wind would hear her sister’s cries and when Wind could take no more she went to her sister Sea. “Sister Sea, why do you cry so at night? Are you not happy that brother Land is with us?” Sister Sea looked up sadly at her sister Wind, “Oh dear Sister, sometimes I fear I’ve made a great error in asking for our brother Land. I love him so, but he keeps growing and can’t move like I can. I’ve had to separate myself into different parts to make room for him, and I can not play as I used to against Mother Earth.” The Great Wind gave her Sister Sea a long hug. “It will be alright Sister Sea. I spoke to father of my concerns. Father told me that brother Land is nearly full grown and that there will be enough room for the both of you to live against Mother Earth. But alas dear sister, you must not ask for any more siblings. Each new sibling crowds our mother, and there is less room for each of us to play. Father says that you will never be one great Sea again, but do not despair my dear and lovely sister. I care for both you and our dear brother Land. I am able to still fly, and I will spend the rest of time traveling around our dear Mother earth, so that there is not one inch of me that does not touch our brother Land and you my dear sister Sea; and the three of us will never part.

So, as the proud Father Time and Mother Earth watch on, their dear daughter, the Great Wind never stops traveling and there is never a moment that the wind is not with both her lovely sister Sea or her handsome baby brother Land. Sister Sea never asked for another sibling, but brother Land did not know any better and one day with mother and father for some toys. Mother Earth and Father Time looked at one another. And as it was meant to be, here I am, a human living on brother Land and able to tell the story of why the Great Wind never stops traveling.

Now the fantastic story of how creatures came to live on Land and in the Sea is a long one that is born from that knowing look between Mother Earth and Father Time.