Fullness Of Joy

Here we find ourselves in this sacred season. For some, it is the season we anticipate all year, and for others, it is the season we dread. Indeed, it is a season in which we are challenged to behold that of God* in everyone and everything.

Admittedly, it is difficult and seemingly not worthy of one’s time to find that which is good and decent in a person who may have hurt us, physically or emotionally. It is difficult to find enough space outside of the pain that might have been inflicted or the carelessness that resulted in wounds that may never heal. Many of us know wounds that can’t be seen with the naked eye but are more painful.

Yet, it is a sacred season. It is a season that we stop in the busyness of our lives, and see one another again. It is a season to renew our ability to love one another despite past transgressions. It is a season of forgiveness, and a season of miracles.

True forgiveness leads to fantastic miracles. It is an exercise of love, and love is the catalyst of all miracles. My challenge to you my friend is to greet each sentient being you encounter with the spirit of forgiveness and love each audaciously and magnanimously. There, as our dear Sister Julian so succinctly put it, we will find the fullness of Joy.

Happy Holidays to all whom I love… that means you!

*Freely substitute whomever and whatever you define as your higher power or pure love here.